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Singing and Vocal Lessons

Our teachers are all highly trained singers who have numerous hours experience on stage and in the recording studio. We teach our vocal students from a range of teaching resources, personal experience and knowledge based on age, and interest. We can help any singing student excel, no matter what age, skill level, or musical style.

Singing starts with proper breathing technique, and here at Castlerock that’s the first thing we teach you. Once you’ve learnt the basics, we teach you everything you need to know in order to maintain and look after your voice, including warming up your voice, and stretching your range.

All of our vocal teachers also play and teach a number of instruments which can be invaluable when writing your own songs.

We can also put you through A.M.E.B. and Trinity Rockschool exams for vocals, and help you to be as prepared as possible when you attend. Castlerock has retained a 100% pass rate for the last 10 years.

Our head vocal teacher is Tzudy Weir. Tzudy has been playing and studying music since the age of 8, and has had over 25 years experience as a professional singer and musician, performing all over the world in many different groups from jazz duos, to heavy metal bands. Check out the video below to see just some of the things that Tzudy has accomplished in her musical career.

Once we feel you’re ready we can also help get you into a band through our highly successful and ever growing School of Rock programme, where we put children into bands, based on age and musical interest, and teach them how to write original songs, perform on stage, and how to communicate in a band situation.

We Provide Singing and Vocal Lessons in the Rockingham and Cockburn Central areas.

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