The Act-Belong-Commit Breakthrough Music Competition

Do you have Musical Talent? Are you between the ages of 12-24? Do you want to win $10,000 worth of prizes? Then register today for the Act-Belong-Commit Breakthrough Music Competition, presented by the City of Rockingham. 1st Prize is $2,500 cash and a Promotional Press Pack including studio recording time, a music video for your song and a professional photoshoot!


The Act-Belong-Commit Breakthrough Music Competition (formally known as FONT) is an annual competition for young people aged 12-24. It provides young people the opportunity to showcase their talents, and a potential pathway for those wanting to develop in the music industry. Since its inception in 2012, over 200 young people have participated in the competition.  Hosting the heats in local shopping centres provides a hub for young people and enables participants to perform in front of the shopping crowds. To enter, go to